Protest 1 Skandia v RC

Date 13 Jan 2012
Class IRC2
Race 6
Hearing 16:00


Facts Found

  1. In race 6 for IRC 2, the RC decided to shorten course at Mark L for the IRC 2  class, and, change of course for all other classes.
  2. The RC instructed the mark boat to hoist Code Flag S with the IRC2 Class Flag, and Code Flag C and make the appropriate sound signal.
  3. The mark boat displayed Code Flag S withIRC2 class flag on one pole and code flag C on a different pole.
  4. As the boats approached the mark, the mark boat alternately displayed S over IRC2 and C depending on which boat was approaching.
  5. The mark boat was not anchored.
  6. The RC made a number of radio announcements that the course was shortened for IRC2.
  7. The first two boats in IRC2 crossed the shortened course finish line and ceased sailing.
  8. Skandia approached the finish line and was unsure whether it was a shortened course or changed course
  9. Skandia crossed the finish line approx 30m from the mark and ceased sailing
  10. The mark boat failed to record correctly the time of Cabaret 6; all other boats were recorded correctly.
  11. The CV also recorded the finish times of the boats in IRC2, but from a different angle to the finish line and used this information to verify the finish time for Cabaret6.


The Race Committee made an improper action in not displaying Code Flag S over IRC2 clearly and continuously, and, the finish boat was not anchored. However, Skandia was unable to demonstrate that as a  result of this improper action, her finish position had been made significantly worse.


Rules Applicable



Request for redress is denied.

Protest Committee

Bryan Willis (IJ GBR)
Howard Elliott (IJ AUS)
Kit Lock (IJ SIN)
Mohammad Affendy (NJ MAS)
Ravi Santhanam (NJ IND)