Protest 2 #23 v #01

Date 26 Oct 2013
Class Beneteau 40.7
Race 4
Hearing 19:00
Facts Found
  1. #23 was on starboard tack approaching the starting line to start, after the starting signal.
  2. #01 was to windward on port tack
  3. #01 gybed on to startboard tack to windward of #23
  4. #01 bow collided with the quarter of #23 after #01 completed her gybe
  5. Umpire raised red flag to signal incident observed
  6. #01 carried out a 360o turn
  7. The damage was not serious

There was no representative from #01 at the hearing. The Jury proceeded with the hearing as provided in R63.3(b).

#01 as windward boat failed to keep clear of #23 and broke R11.

#01 carried out a penalty turn at the time of the incident and exonerated herself as provided in SI14.2 and R44.2.

Rules Applicable

11,63.3(b),44.2, SI14.2


No further penalty.

Protest Committee

Bernard Bonneau (IJ FRA) Chairman
Lorenz Walch (IJ GER)
Andres Perez (IJ SPN)
Natalia Chubenko (IJ RUS)
Howard Elliott (IJ AUS)
Dai Zhiqiang (NJ CHN)
Shao Xian Li (IJ CHN)